Inter/Intra State Authorities

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Interstate and Intrastate authorities may sound interchangeable, but they are vastly different and it is important to know the requirements for each, in order to avoid fees and penalties, which can cost a fortune.

Intrastate authorities applies to truckers that only travel within one state, while interstate authorities applies to truckers who cross state borders or travel across the country. This is important to know because your state will have one set of regulations you have to adhere but so does every state your truckers operate in.

This may sound simple, but it can get complicated in a hurry if you want to expand your operations to multiple states. You will have to keep track of each state’s regulations and ensure your trucks and truckers are meeting them. This only adds to the stress of operating your business and for this reason, we can provide solutions for you. O & A Trucking Solutions will ensure your company remains in legal compliance, regardless of which state your truckers are in.

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