IRP Apportioned Plates

What is IRP?

IRP is a federally sanctioned program that helps process commercial vehicle registration and operation in 48 states and 11 Canadian provinces.

IRP member jurisdictions collect registration fees from their ‘home-based’ interstate trucking companies on behalf of each member jurisdiction where the companies operate and must register..

Transactions we can process?
Within the IRP system, we can process the following transactions:

  • IRP New Carrier
  • IRP New Fleet
  • IRP Fleet Renewal
  • IRP Add Vehicle
  • IRP Add Vehicle with Replacement Credit
  • IRP Weight Group Change
  • IRP Amend Vehicle
  • IRP Cab Card Correction
  • IRP Fleet to Fleet Transfer
  • IRP Replacement Cab Card
  • IRP Name Change
  • IRP Delete Vehicle
  • IRP Replacement Sticker
  • IRP Replacement Weight Decal
  • IRP Change Carrier Type/Commodity Class