IRP Apportioned Plates | Vehicle Permit and Registration Services in California

What is IRP?

IRP is a federally sanctioned program that helps process commercial vehicle registration and operation in 48 states and 11 Canadian provinces.

IRP member jurisdictions collect registration fees from their ‘home-based’ interstate trucking companies on behalf of each member jurisdiction where the companies operate and must register.

The International Registration Plan (IRP) provides an avenue for registering commercial vehicles, allowing them to operate across state lines with a single registration plate and certificate issued by their “base” state.

How It Works

When a commercial vehicle operates in multiple states, IRP offers potential savings on registration fees. Under IRP registration, fees are prorated based on the proportion of highway mileage traveled in each jurisdiction. For instance, if a vehicle travels 50% of its mileage in California and 50% in Nevada, it pays 50% of the registration fees in each state through the IRP Clearinghouse managed by the base jurisdiction.

What Vehicles Qualify?

Any vehicle meeting California Vehicle Code’s definition of a “commercial vehicle” and traveling in California plus at least one other state qualifies for IRP registration. Most California-based commercial vehicles weighing 26,001 pounds or more must have IRP registration, or alternative commercial trip permits when operating outside California. Vehicles weighing 26,000 pounds or less and strictly operating interstate may be exempt or may require temporary commercial trip permits under reciprocal agreements.

IRP Registration Duration

An IRP registration is valid for 12 months from the assigned month’s first day. Renewal of IRP vehicles/fleets is required annually before midnight on the last day of the assigned registration month to avoid penalties.

Who We Are

Formerly known as the Bonded Web User (BWU) Program, the Interstate Carrier Program allows the DMV to collaborate with private businesses, known as ICP agents, to process IRP registration transactions for apportioned vehicles remotely.

What Can ICP Agents Offer You?

By selecting ICP agents, customers can expect:

  • Same-day service for plates, cab cards, and stickers
  • Complete control over the transaction process from initiation to completion at approved locations
  • Submission of exact fees calculated by the DMV

Transactions we can process?

Within the IRP system, we can process the following transactions:

  • IRP New Carrier
  • IRP New Fleet
  • IRP Fleet Renewal
  • IRP Add Vehicle
  • IRP Add Vehicle with Replacement Credit
  • IRP Weight Group Change
  • IRP Amend Vehicle
  • IRP Cab Card Correction
  • IRP Fleet-to-Fleet Transfer
  • IRP Replacement Cab Card
  • IRP Name Change
  • IRP Delete Vehicle
  • IRP Replacement Sticker
  • IRP Replacement Weight Decal
  • IRP Change Carrier Type/Commodity Class